The Authentic

Here you find some of the fabrics that made the Oberkampf factory successful in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that are perpetuated by Our House. The historical Toile de Jouy that is manufactured today are still based on three traditional criteria: a flat frame printing on cotton canvas, 140 cm wide.

La Fête

Les Quatre Parties du Monde

La Pêche

Les Délices des 4 Saisons

La Leçon de Danse

Les Plaisirs de la Campagne

Corbeille d'Abondance


Toile de Jouy is not antique or historical. It may even be "revisited" as we have done by developing a collection of fabrics in accordance with contemporary decoration. Fabrics can be accurately identified as Toile de Jouy, they inspire freely and are even decidedly trendy. In all cases, a requirement: their style and manufacturing (roller or digital, 280 cm wide) should always reflect good taste and the know-how of the French.

Zephyr and Seraphin





Decorate your spaces for relaxation and recreation! With our umbrellas, shade sails and seating for outdoor and garden furniture,(mattresses, pillows, chairs etc) you can punctuate your outdoor landscape with the atmosphere and authentic charm that comes with Toile de Jouy, or from our more contemporary creations.

Les Quatre Parties du Monde