Corbeille d'Abondance - Bleu (blue) Ref. : 019041045
Design from “The Reserve” (on a colour background), 1830.
The mythological figure of The Horn of Plenty is a symbol of the overall fertility and the nutritive power of the earth. The motif is a hymn to prosperity, opulence and well being formed by a fruitful harvest. It is a trophy filled with flowers, fruits, grains and leaves, while the musical instruments and agricultural tools suggest the indispensible presence of man. Besides the poetry of the motif, this fabric is particularly appreciated for its delicate design, attention to detail and beautiful colouring.
horn plenty nantes motif blue bleu
Flat frame printing
100 % cotton
Total width: 142 cm

Fitting width: 70 cm
Fitting length: 32 cm
Weight in: 413 grs

Martindale: 18000

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horn plenty nantes motif rouge red
horn plenty nantes motif blue bleu

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